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I must thank all those who submitted comments on my last two posts first, but when my husband has read this, I'm a little disappointed because I had no comment. So I thought I'd tell you on Saturday just disappear, and this time I have a few notes, so it falls.. DAVE.. Her husband is clear to me. Hey, you never know, you can only get your ass up lol and give me some attention. I had sent text messages and Asley and suggested I go home someday. It turned out that he lives far away, and hit the rides at our local supermarket Exe It ! (A note ). Anyway, I sent a message Asley and said maybe I could meet this morning ( Saturday) as Dave planned to repair the car tubeland ( renault.. Lol another track ) and I would not see much of him. He said, ok, but I was expecting an important call so if he had taken, he was taking. Anyway, I told Dave that I 'm going to town to spend the day shopping. So I went upstairs, tubeland showered andtransformed into a shirt and a thin white dress. I put on a white thong, and I assumed it was so sunny and the clothes are so thin that my butt tubeland would be clearly visible. I kissed her goodbye and left Dave. About 15 minutes walk, and I was out of the house of Ashley. As I walked down the path he opened the door for tubeland me, as I have, I kissed her lips, which led me to the kitchen. he The house was very neat and I think it is a womans touch somewhere. I asked him if he lived here with what was expected to tell his girlfriend, but he said he shared with a buddy and his girlfriend. He said : Do not worry, they were in town during the day. I got close and kissed me again, his hand slipped and my legs under my skirt. I felt his hand rubbing my hill, I reached into his crotch. The feeling of his cock hardening. Her hand pulled my panties and slid a finger in the ass. I pushed against him, as I played. I wanted his young cockso much so that it can be about the same age as my daughter, but I wanted it. I felt that I was curious, so I broke the fall of the skirt when I'm out of it. He pushed me gently on the table and sat facing him, her hands were pulled of my panties, kicking at the ground as well. They then reversed in the pants, dropped to the ground, slid his boxers so he went to see his hard cock. The postition against my lips, waist, head rubbing my pubic hair caught, then his cock and rubbed up and down my mouth, then rubbed his penis on the tattoo of a rose I have in my thigh (Dave, you know its me now). The Nabka to my lips, cold table pushed against my ass as his cock entered me. I talked to him when he began to fuck me. He fucked me hard and I loved it. It was not long until I come and I was right. A tubeland grunt, a groan, and then went over the edge, he kept pumping into me, my legs were buckling and grabbed my ass to keep going. hewas almost completely removed prior to strike again in its entirety. When I started back, groaned tubeland and felt his penis swell, then feel the warmth of his sperm to me. pulled out and I had cum dripping from me on the floor. He suggested the stairs to her room, and how we got there, the phone rang. He took the call, and I thought, good can be bad, so I took her sticky flaccid penis between my lips and sucked it. He looked at me as if to say, but I'll be executed. In a short time is difficult to get going again and started to deep throat the good, the best I could. She squeezed my balls as she sucked. He leaned back as she sucked BHE was on the phone. I thought a walk, this, so he sat astride the thighs and tail postioned against my buttocks, then slid slowly, so I swallowed. Then slowly began to tubeland fuck, rubbing my clit against his pubic muscles and expressed my milk. Ashe push up, there I was, fucking a boy, 20 -odd yearslonger than I, while maintaining a partner. After a time, bed springs, a racquet, stopped talking and whispered something to stop or I will come, walking, I started quickly, was pushing up on me, then a groan escaped her lips when he got back to me. He made a few lame listen and hung up. Flip Fanny licked me most orgasam. Over the next two hours, it took me two more times. It would have been third, but his roommate came home, and went very smoothly, as she went upstairs, 5 minutes later, the bed creaks groans far as I fucked. It was great to hear. Since it is the second time I got dressed and got fucked crawled down and left. Dave again, cum drying on tubeland my legs, thighs and pubis. Dave did not realize that I have never bought tubeland anything on my 'journey ' in the city, though no doubt come home with something! lol
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